Visit Roger Felton in the live market Trading Room and see actual trades taken and managed numerous times each day. You will clearly see the huge difference Felton Trading offers and learn more about trading for FREE than you'd learn in most entire trading courses.

  • One of the most versatile, accurate and powerful trading software programs ever created.
  • Unlimited one-on-one mentorship with Roger anytime!
  • Learn a rock-solid time-tested trading system so objective that your computer can easily identify market signals for you.


What Makes Felton Trading So Different From Any Other Trading Course?


The short answer is “student results”. But, to best understand why so many traders who struggled and failed for years and have now found the goal-reaching consistency they previously only dreamed of, we need to understand the reasons why traders fail. We must also learn how to overcome them.


You must first understand that trading is a skill and success is never achieved with a trading system alone any more than a person can instantly become a champion golfer by simply buying a good set of clubs.


Developing good, consistent trading skill depends entirely what we call the “3 M’s”. They are: Method, Mastery and Mindset.


The Method –


The development of the Felton Trading method began many years ago and has steadily been evolving into one of the most accurate, consistent and versatile trading systems ever created. Because the system is not dependent on subjective guesswork, we coded it into a sophisticated software program called SignalPro. Its function is to take over most of the tedious measuring, calculating, filtering and anticipating duties that formerly the trader had to do. It can even back test and give the odds of a trade working expressed as a percentage. After doing all the data crunching, SignalPro produces a signal entry which the trader can take or not take, depending on the winning probabilities the trader is looking for.


Achieving Mastery –


Trading is a skill. The system used is just a tool traders use to assist and make their job easier. Trying to trade any system without extensive knowledge and training is futile. But most systems that actually have profitability potential (yes, there are a few) lack the training required to be of much use. Felton Trading knows training is the key. Markets change and are continually becoming more complex. A trader that stops learning will cease to remain profitable. We train our students every trading day and even more extensively on Fridays. Each session is totally interactive so all student questions are addressed clearly, completely with plenty of live market examples. By offering free training daily, we’re already far beyond any competitor, but we go even further by offering free unlimited personal one-on-one mentorship to any student that requests it. Roger Felton makes himself available to student’s day or night…and even on weekends! He does it because it’s such a huge benefit to his students. He does it because he really cares.


Developing a Winning Mindset –


Having an outstanding trading system and extensive trading knowledge will not get the job done without this third “M”. It’s called by many names…Winning Attitude, Mental Mastery, Emotional (or Psychological) Control. But it all comes down to Confidence. Fear cannot stand in the shadow of a confident trader. Negative emotions no longer affect the trading decisions. At Felton Trading we devote considerable time to the Psychological side of trading and developing a confident winning mindset. Of course, having a really good system with minimal drawdowns helps build confidence, too.


Felton Trading Is Like Having a Pro Trader Sitting Right Beside You!


Earning the kind of income you want as a professional trader is a challenge but consider this:  Imagine being able to watch a professional Trading Mentor every trading day as they execute and manage their trades.  Being able to get straight answers to your every question.  Imagine being able to access your Trading Mentor for help anytime you needed it.  No time limit, no access restrictions, no expiration date and no additional charge.  The value of this would be immeasurable.  This one thing alone can vastly speed up the learning curve and help keep you on track and out of trouble.


Now, what if your Trading Mentor told you they would teach you everything they know about trading and provide and train you on the powerful software they use and give you permanent personal one-on-one access to them including evenings and weekends?  Nobody does that!!  Well, think again.  It’s what makes Felton Trading completely different from anything you have ever seen or heard of in the entire trading industry.


Whether you’ve been trading for a day or a decade, from the E-minis to Commodities to Currency Futures and even Forex, Bonds and Equities, consistent success comes from having a solid trading system and constant, unlimited access to professional training and personal mentorship whenever you need it.



What does this mean to you?

  • You not only get the system you’ve needed but you get the vital training and mentorship to make it work for you.
  • Learn Trade Management techniques not found anywhere else!
  • Learn how to use the most accurate, easy to use bar type ever created.
  • Learn to take full advantage of numerous smart trade entries automatically generated for you with plenty of warning time (visibly and audibly).
  • You can apply SignalPro, your extensive knowledge and rock-solid confidence to any market you want to trade including Options, Equities, Forex or Futures.
  • Felton Trading is totally dedicated to helping you gain complete control over your trading destiny.


Felton Trading Puts Consistent Goal Achievement Within Your Grasp


You’ll get everything you need for success, including a five-level training course, unlimited personal mentorship and the exclusive SignalPro software. We will “hold your hand” every trading day as you experience consistent growth and success that you can easily measure.



Start Your Risk-Free Trial Today - get the tools and the training you need to succeed!


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