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Felton Trading provides you with a complete, sophisticated and versatile trading system that works on any liquid market that moves.

Nobody in this entire industry can match the level of training, support and mentorship that we provide to each of our students with professional, in-depth training. You also have fast access to personal, one-on-one mentorship with the actual system developer whenever you need it. We work with your schedule.  We do this because extensive training and dedicated mentorship are vital to the success of most traders. Yet that is what is sorely lacking in every other system vendor we have seen regardless of cost.

Our method is straightforward and mechanical. We have coded this method into a powerful tool called SignalPro. SignalPro does the leg work while you maintain control of the final decision making and trade management techniques that you learn at Felton Trading every day. With SignalPro, you get the clear, concise information you need to make smart trading decisions every trading day.

Who we are

Roger Felton is the President and founder of Felton Trading with over 30 years of trading experience. Roger has been professionally teaching intraday futures trading for nearly 17 years with a student base in the thousands. He started out teaching e-mini futures trading well before most traders even knew they existed. His writings, techniques, unique system offerings and his success have been recognized worldwide in newspapers, trade magazines and online. Some of his students have been with him for more than a decade and his student success says more about his teaching talent than anything else.

Felton Trading is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, maintaining an A+ rating. Felton Trading’s dedication to providing the highest quality trading software and our legendary level of training and mentorship are two good reasons why we have an impeccable reputation and a spotless record of zero complaints.

Our purpose

We consider our job to be making you the absolute best trader you can possibly be. That takes work and dedication on our part and yours. We teach you how to trade consistently based on the facts and what really works…not what used to work. We teach you everything you need to know to trade whatever markets you choose, from e-Minis to Bonds to Currency pairs to Options and Futures.

We are here to help you along the path of consistent trading performance and we do that by offering ongoing training and support. When a trader stops learning, they stop winning. We know how markets work and we know how to convey that knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

Whether you are a complete newcomer to trading or a seasoned professional, everyone can benefit from what we do. It’s not like anything you will find anywhere else. We’re honest and straightforward. Questions get complete, detailed answers and we will never ask you to buy anything at any time.

“We provide tools for success – no song and dance, no smoke and mirrors and no excuses – only reality-based futures trading.” Roger Felton

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Our Promise: You will see and learn more in the Felton Live Market Training Room than you will get from most entire trading courses!

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