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Short-term vs. Longer-term Trading

Although the signals and techniques taught by Felton Trading are not restricted to intraday trading, all of the trade positions taken in the Felton Trading Room are closed by the end of the day and no positions are held overnight. Since so many great trading opportunities occur intraday, there really isn’t any reason to take on that much additional risk in an overnight trade.

World economies are collapsing and it’s a crazy world out there. Bad things will happen and when they do, it will probably be when you’re not looking. We keep our market exposure to a minimum and we sleep well at night.

The Training Video Library

These are recordings of our training classes that clearly explain the entire methodology, from basic to advanced material. This allows you to conveniently view the entire course with access to this powerful learning tool right in the comfort of your home or office. If you miss a class, no problem. You can view the replay at your convenience.

The Training Room

Professional mentoring is crucial while you are mastering the Felton Trading method. While you are in our room, you’ll see students from all over the world actually running their software and following along with Roger’s calls and commentary. The Training Room is where all of your training really comes alive in the real markets.

The Training Classes

During these live online training sessions, the method is reviewed in greater detail and, since each session is interactive, every student gets clear answers to any questions they might have. After all, asking questions is how we learn.

Unlimited Support

Only you can decide how valuable it is to have unlimited access to your mentor, the actual developer of the method, Roger Felton, as needed. At the end of each day, all emails are answered in detail, all phone calls are returned promptly and you will never have a question or concern that does not get addressed immediately. Our students agree that the value here is immeasurable and critical to any trader’s overall success.

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