What Is Futures Trading?

Futures trading differs from many other venues in that there is no actual equity position. In effect, trading is based on the right to the future price of an instrument or commodity. This affords much greater leverage than would be found in trading equities, for instance. This leverage can also work against traders, too, but it does allow us to control a good deal of market value with a relatively small trading account. We have found that futures trading with a solid, robust mechanical system gives traders the best shot at success in the shortest period of time with an impressive level of risk control.

Why Trade Futures?

Every trader has their own “comfort zone” in the markets they’ve been trading for years and sometimes it’s hard to get them to take a look at anything else. But once many traders give futures a serious try, most people quickly see the numerous trading advantages they offer. Like the smooth and consistent volatility, the very small capital requirement, the very tight spreads, the minimal slippage and the substantial tax break savings available, just to name a few. Consider the alternatives and futures become attractive in a hurry. Equities require a large amount of capital, offer virtually no leverage, require a lot of research, are highly sensitive to market news and baseless rumors and many traders find they just can’t trust the data they have to work with. Options, with their Calls and Puts and Vertical Spreads and Naked Leaps and Iron Condors are just too complicated for many traders to consistently succeed. It takes a while just to learn and understand the lingo. Plus, Options trading adds a third element to trading that many traders find undesirable: a time limit. A trade might work just fine but not in the required time frame and, oops sorry, you lose. It’s why futures trading has been called “the most successful market product ever offered in the history of the financial industry”.

How is the Felton Trading Course different from other trading programs?

As you may already know, most trading programs offered these days are either too complicated to understand, don’t work consistently or they don’t work at all. The most effective way for a trader student to achieve their personal trading goals and beyond is to find a mentor and a method that works for them on a consistent long-term basis. At Felton Trading, we encourage all prospective student members to come into our Room and check it out on a completely free trial basis. We think you’ll be really pleased. The Felton Trading System is so consistent that we never have to make excuses for a bad day. The method is so simple that almost anyone can begin to understand the core elements in less than 30 minutes of instruction. You also learn from the method developer himself. That way, you get the best instruction from one of the most effective mentors in the industry and you’ll learn one of the most effective trading strategies ever developed.

What level of success does Roger expect his students to achieve? 

Roger Felton wants every student to set realistic goals based on individual abilities, to reach those goals in the shortest time possible and to achieve their own maximum trading potential. Since no two traders are exactly alike – just as no two personalities are alike – trading potential will vary among students. But the lowest level of success beats any level of failure. Roger’s goal is to help his students maximize their individual trading abilities in the shortest period of time possible.

Can I learn the Felton Trading method? 

Yes! Because there is no time expiration on your training, there is no logical reason why anyone who cares to learn would not be able to clearly understand every aspect of the method. Learning the method through clearly defined rules and live interaction can enable even the most novice student to master the method. Of course, knowledge alone does not insure success in trading, but the method’s strategy is not at all complicated. An old Chinese saying goes, “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I learn.” Doing by example under the watchful eye of your instructor is the key. Roger works tirelessly with each of his students because he knows how important their goals are. It’s their dream and Roger is one of the best in the business to help make it happen. Just ask any of his students.

What about support after I join?

In our opinion, to take someone’s money for trading education and then starve them for support is bad business. We get a lot of “orphans” who come to Felton Trading and are astounded at the level of support they receive. Roger makes himself available to his students by phone or email whenever needed. He really cares and it shows. You’ll never find a higher level of support offered anywhere else at any price.

How difficult is it to implement the Felton Trading method? 

As with any powerful trading method, there is a learning process involved and not all students will learn at the same speed. But we’ve never had a student who gave an honest effort and was still not capable of implementing it in the market due to a lack of understanding. Even after just the initial training, many traders are able to reliably identify most basic long and short signals in the actual market – especially after just a few days of live market mentorship with the instructor.

Is this method and training designed just for trading pros? 

No. The Felton Trading method and training is targeted to no individual trader type or experience level. It’s designed for both novices and veteran traders alike. The only requirement is that everyone studies the training materials diligently and practice making their own trading decisions in simulation mode until complete method mastery and consistent profit results are achieved. Roger uses no complicated jargon in the training room. Since the method itself is quite unique, everyone is effectively on the same level from the beginning.

Do you use stops? How much? 

At Felton Trading, we believe strongly in very tight stops. Without stops, there is no risk control and, without risk control, there is no lasting success. Since the method itself often pinpoints the exact minute and second that the market is going to make a move, stops are never more than a point (and often less) in the Russell 2000, for instance. Very tight stops are used in all markets. We systematically control and adjust stops to cut losses on wrong-sided trades as quickly as possible. In addition, we use a powerful and unique approach to capture larger market moves with a special trailing stop technique that is only taught in Felton Trading.

Why teach if you can just trade?

A great question and we hear it a lot. The simple answer has to do with a genuine love and passion for teaching and the many friends that are made from all over the world. But it’s more than that. It’s a known fact that, when you teach anything, you just naturally get better at it. That’s certainly a great benefit of doing something you enjoy. Trading can be a lonely business and it’s a pleasure sharing valuable knowledge and experience with friends while improving trading skills along the way.

What steps should I take before beginning my live trading?

Before placing your first real money trade, you should ALWAYS begin in simulation with a good and highly realistic simulation platform. Never risk your real trading capital if your method mastery is not there yet. Today’s modern trading simulators are incredibly robust and versatile. Although they cannot simulate the emotional high (or low) that you might experience from a real money trade, they offer the trader the opportunity to experience everything else that they will encounter when trading for real. Spend as much time in simulation as you need in order to achieve consistent winning days with very few mistakes. In an S&P E-Mini contract, each point you make is worth $50.  In the Russell 2000 E-Mini, each point is worth $100.  Always let your profits dictate how many contracts you will place on your trades. Never risk more money in a trade than you can comfortably afford to lose! If your trading account is slipping, stop trading real money and go back to simulation until your confidence and ability are rock-solid. Remember, protecting your trading account is everything. First learn to survive – then learn to thrive!

Can I apply the Felton Trading method to other strategies I already use?

Certainly. Although Felton Trading was designed to be a primary standalone trading method, if you have some time-tested weapons in your personal arsenal that you really trust, you can easily incorporate them into our method. Just remember to keep your trading strategy simple. Only add what you know works with good accuracy and consistency. Never let your trading method get “top heavy” with layers of indicators that offer limited value. Remember, complexity is the father of frustration and frustration is the mother of failure.

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