Evans B.

I would like to notify Roger and tell him that the training session from last nite hit a home run. I was sooo confident when we were trading today.
I am so happy that I joined the Felton Group. For a novice like myself, it has made a world of difference. I saw my entry points clear as day. I did NOT chase the market like I had done in the past. I am so excited. A couple more weeks of good trading days like this and I will trade real money. LOL
Anyway just wanted to once again thank you for taking out the time to show me the ropes in an one on one session. It was what I needed but didn't know it. I implore that all newcomers spend a 2 hour session with you after there first 3-4 weeks of training.

Michael S.

I love you guys and all that you do for us!

Wally C.

I just want to thank you for the things you have done for me. I do appreciate your diligence, follow through and I guess just being nice and helpful.

Randy F.

I just want to thank you so much for teaching me all about trading on Signal Pro. It’s wonderful and I can’t thank you enough. I’m at my computer looking at charts every chance I can get. Always learning something. I learn something from you every day. I feel so fortunate to have you as my teacher. You’re the best instructor and mentor I could ask for.
Did I ever tell you, You’re a GREAT TEACHER! You’ve taught me everything I know about trading.

Gregory M.

Although I have been trading for many years, I am constantly learning new things from you, both in the trading room and in the training sessions. I look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship.

Rita & Randy F.

Just following your rules and they work! I see trades better now that I understand what I’m looking for. Thank You for your GREAT EDUCATION! You’re changing our lives for the better….

Sid M.

In less than an hour, I was able to make my daily goal (and then some... WOW!).
I truly enjoy you guys… and everyone in the training/trading room, as well (at least those who chime in). Everyone is helpful, and kind. I am extremely happy that you guys have got my results from $1,000.00 per month (before I signed on with you) to close to triple that amount (all on one contract).

Dina T.

I have tried many methods over the past 16 years. Felton Trading is the real deal in a sea of trading rooms with wild inconsistency. Roger is a master trader with a method that is very easy to learn. Day after day I watch him get his goal methodically and consistently. His method really does work with an 85% to 90% win rate. His willingness to teach, answer questions and make himself available to his students one on one is unsurpassed in this industry. Clint also makes himself available to students one on one and is a technical genius when it comes to computer preparation and setting up charts. The people at Felton Trading are completely dedicated to helping their students be consistently profitable over the long term.

Randy F.

I’m having a great time and continue to learn more every day.

Mel Hardman

Great webinar yesterday (6/6). I am very impressed with your new indicators. Rog... you just keep getting better and better with your system and your presentation.

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