Mel Hardman

Great webinar yesterday (6/6). I am very impressed with your new indicators. Rog... you just keep getting better and better with your system and your presentation.

Will H.

My experience with the room has been unequivocally positive. I am impressed with how well the trading room is run. The quality of instruction/mentoring is the best I've seen. I have been a member of several trading rooms so I have several points of comparison. Rod's indicator work is top notch, and Clint is an extremely capable room moderator who has the personality and patience to deal with the never ending series of questions. It is of course Roger's experience and guidance that really brings things together.

Jim B.

Roger: Thank you very much for the Felton Trading Method. Today, I averaged 5.6 points per contract day trading the Russell. Winning days are normal, not the exception. This is the best approach to day trading I have seen in 10 years. You are an excellent teacher ? patient, thorough, and consistent. It is clear you are motivated by the success of your students. The training and trading room are worth every penny. Best regards.

Tom S.-former Floor Trader, Chicago

I'm sending you this email to let you know how happy I am with Felton Trading. The way Roger has this set up with the signals and the multiple tick charts, it makes the transition from pit to screen easier. Thank you for showing me this system, now the rest is up to me.

Don A.

Just wanted to tell you that, after 5 years of losses, I am now making money with your system. Still learning and making mistakes but at least I am not losing any more.

Dan P.

I just wanted to share some trading results I had over the holidays, which we both know are among the worst days of the year to trade. I managed to have positive results on every day the market was open, from the 24th to today, with profits ranging from $100 to $650 per day, on my live account. I set my daily targets much lower due to the low volatility, but was still able to "make expenses", and then some. Your technique really works, even in those terrible conditions, where trades would take up to 30-mins to reach even a half point target in some cases. So, thank you for this great tool.

Scott B.

I am an infant to the trading game. Being a top competitor I looked high and low for the best indicators, the best tool and the best mentor. Nothing worked until I found Roger Felton.Save your work, and money. And take a short cut to Roger Felton of Felton Trading. Roger has given me the mind set, the tools, and a lifetime of honesty and friendship found no where else in this "get rich quick" market of sharks preying on the novice traders. Roger can take you to a professional level in an understandable format.He will teach you how to win consistently and on your own, applying Rogers teaching to whichever market you choose.

Mark M.

I attended the advanced training seminar this morning. It was terrific and I found it very useful. Roger explained why you should take certain trades and why you should reject others. A big thanks to Roger!

Chuck T.

I want to thank you for everything that is Felton Trading. Beyond the method, which is great in itself, you play the role of teacher, coach, psychiatrist, advisor, entertainer and do it all well. The trading room helps keep me focused and disciplined as well as constantly learning. I have been a student now for 17 months and although the method was mastered within a few weeks I still continue to learn from you and other traders within the room. As long as you are still providing the service I plan on being here to take full advantage of it. I hope to someday be able to give back to the profession as you do so graciously every day! Thanks so much.


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