M. Williams

Roger is a great teacher and gentleman, in my opinion. As a young man it was a privilege to attend Harvard University. Many instructors were almost as good as Roger. Some professors were his equal.

S. Meyer

I cannot tell you how helpful you were yesterday. Snaking with the trend could revolutionize my trading. It is so simple it is almost scary.

Ken Z.

Good morning Roger, I have taken other classes for about two years and none of them has signals as good as yours. Everyone of us in your class appreciate the time and energy you put into seeing that we succeed.

David G.-Floor Trader, Chicago

Just wanted to give you some feedback after using the system for 3 months--2 1/2 in simulation and the last 2 weeks live. I really like the system. I was a floor trader for 20+ years. I tried trading electronically for a while but never had much success--big surprise. Using your system trading is actually fun again and I look forward to trading each day. I now actually have a good reason for entering trades, something I didn't really have when I traded electronically before. I still have to work on the discipline and patience a bit but I can see it coming.

Achim S.

I am really glad to be a part of the Felton Trading Family and already trading consistantly profitable for about two weeks now. I really enjoy trading the system with more and more confidence...and of course also making some nice profits. ;-)

Jimmy C.

Hi Roger, I've been trading the CL on a 22RS in concert with a 4 RT this morning and I'm up over $1700.

Jill Z.

A fairly unique thing about felton is the super high winning %...you don't see that other places too much.

Steven C.

This really good Felton Trading is the BEST! Thanks Teachers.

Gregory M.

I am a great admirer of Roger Felton, as he is quite knowledgeable and very experienced, as well as completely honest. His methods are proven, and they work consistently. I heartily endorse Roger Felton, Beverly Felton, Clint Hager, and their associates at Felton Trading.

Hank W.

I been trading Felton Trading for approx. 7 years (2005). I say thanks to all of you. +12 tick in 6E today.

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