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Before placing your first real money trade, you should ALWAYS begin in simulation with a good and highly realistic simulation platform. Never risk your real trading capital if our signals mastery is not there yet. Today’s modern trading simulators are incredibly robust and versatile. Although they cannot simulate the emotional high (or low) that you might experience from a real money trade, they offer the trader the opportunity to experience everything else that they will encounter when trading for real. Spend as much time in simulation as you need in order to achieve consistent winning days with very few mistakes. Always let your profits dictate how many contracts you will place on your trades. Never risk more money in a trade than you can comfortably afford to lose! Remember, protecting your trading account is everything. First learn to survive – then learn to thrive! If you then wan´t to go live but don´t want to put your own capital at risk, OneUp Trader offers you the chance to prove that your are a successful trader and help you to get funded, with a real USD account. You can keep up to 80% of your net PnL.

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